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Default Europe in Autumn, Winter and Spring

Europe in Autumn, Winter and Spring
by Paul Motter

How to pack for all off-season European cruises by region; Mediterranean to Baltic; autumn, winter and spring


Christmas Market in Vienna - December 2012

I have traveled in Europe during all four seasons; summer, winter, spring and fall, to both the north and the south. Let's discuss the conditions in each region during all of the seasons and the ideal attire for you as a traveler.

Summer is the peak vacation season in Europe - for the locals as well as visitors. So, although it may be a convenient time to get away from your job, it is actually a more challenging time for Americans in Europe to see sites of interest due to the crowding. Yes, it is not only Americans who want to go to the top of the Eiffel tower, visit the Crown Jewels in London, gaze at David in Florence or tour the home of Mozart in Salzburg.

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