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Originally Posted by richsea View Post
I actually did not feel as though the S class ships seemed that much larger than the M class. I agree with you that the Solstice is a beautiul ship, although I miss the Rendevouz Lounge of the other Celebrity ships. Without them there is no main area for pre dinner drinks & dancing.
I have not heard of reports that Connie is worn looking. Hasn't she been recently "Sosticized"? How bad can she be? It does not seem that it's in Celebrity's best interests to let their ships go downhill. They usually are very good with upkeep.
Zenith also is an old favorite of ours, even without balconies. We sailed her many times, & were on board for her last Celebrity sailing, which was one of our favorite cruises. Her last port was Bermuda, & Bermuda gave her an emotional sendoff, with fireboats escorting her out of Hamilton harbor with firehoses spraying & many boats saluting her with their foghorns & her answering in kind. We just saw her again during our Med. cruise in October, anchored in Mykonos. She still looks good, & has the X still on the funnel, but it's painted over. She looked so tiny next to Equinox.
I also wish they had kept Galaxy (which we also saw in Rome under her new flag) & Mercury; both great ships. I guess that's progress??
How neat! We saw the old Sovereign of the Seas last June in Barcelona.

I am hoping it is old cronic complainers on that other forum. I find out for myself in 2 weeks.

I did not like how hard it was in the Sotlice to get off at the tender ports, my biggest gripe. We had priority passes too as we had a skysuite. That cruise was our 30 anniversary family gift. Our teacher daughter and her best friend went with us. Our actual 30th will be this trip when we go on the Connie.

I also missed the elevators with the view of the ocean the Connie has.
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