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Awful. In today's world it's totally inappropriate and it would be nice to see a major theatre chain or two refuse to run the picture. But that won't happen.

But you know it's funny. . .

I have some knowledge of the history of film censorship. If a scene like that had appeared in a film from the early 1920s through about 1960, when the Hays Office was riding high and filmmakers really had to toe the mark, it would have elicited nothing but a yawn from the censors and the public. On the other hand, when Rhett Butler said, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn," there was a great indignant outcry that such a thing was permitted. The Legion of Decency and other bluenose groups went berserk.

The difference, of course, was the tenor of the times. In those kinder, gentler days the scene in question wouldn't have been taken as anything more than joking around, because we didn't have the kind of "acting out" then that we're accustomed to today. Of course, it may well be that even then such suggestions had a negative effect on kids, but there were too many barriers in the way to routinely turn them into reality.

The first of which of course is that there were fewer guns, they were harder to get, and there were no assault rifles available to the public.
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