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Thank you, I apologize for being defensive. I don't hold Carnival responsible directly, but I do believe that they should do more to lobby for their guests who have food issues. I can guarantee that anyone in my situation would GLADLY provide documentation to customs to help in anyway with this.

I haven't found anything about what you mentioned before, can I bring SEALED items onto shore with me? Such as protein bars and such? I can, and have, lived off of those for days at a time....I would gladly do it this time too

As far as being sorry I have to deal with Celiac disease, don't be I rarely have issues such as this, I carry documentation from my doc that gives me permission to bring my own food into venues. I am happier, healthier and feel blessed to know what was wrong with me after all the years I was sick. I'm glad I don't have to take a medication for this, I just have to cut out junk food and eat a healthier diet. It really is manageable. I am praying that Carnival is true to their word and keeps me safe!

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