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Default Friday - Let the Holidays Begin!

Morning Mates, it is the Friday before Christmas, the day I've been waiting for since Sept. because it means I now have 2 whole weeks off! Unpaid unfortunately, but at least it's a break from the mayhem...
Although I have the day off, I still have to go to the Y today to help interview a few people in hopes that a) we find a new support worker and b) a replacement for me so I can go back to my old school. Apparently the pickings are slim, but we'll see what we shall see...

The weather continues very un-Christmaslike, with very mild temps and green instead of white, while all around us everyone else is getting hit with winter storms. My stepson, who should be headed this way tomorrow will most likely be caught up in the worst of it, but I'm sure it will still be green by the time he gets here.

Have a good one all!

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