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Thanks, Paul!

I responded to his article, also. I thought it was very negative and unfair. But this is typical of reporters nowadays - they are quick to point out negatives, but slow to praise. Unfortunately, it's become a fact of life throughout the media.

But it really irritates me that someone taking one cruise and making all the mistakes of a first time cruiser, as Kuki pointed out, turns around and writes an article like this. I have to ask; what was their intent? Did they just want to complain to everyone who wants to read it or is it to influence others not to take a cruise simply because he didn't enjoy his?

It would be someone who has never tasted cheese before trying a piece of one cheese and decide all cheeses taste bad. There are hundreds of different types of cheeses out there and not everyone likes every kind, but unless you're allergic or sensitive to cheese, there's one out there you'll like - you just have to keep trying until you find one you like. But yes, there are always those out there who simply don't like cheese.

Just not sure if this guy is allergic to cruises or one who simply doesn't like them.

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