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Originally Posted by cruisin1975 View Post
Have you tried places like Expedia or I travel 2000....might be a long shot but they buy up cabins and then sell them. So on the cruise website , they are all sold however there might be some available through another travel company.
Unsold group space for a cruise this christmas would have had to be turned in by now.

I have my PVPs cell phone number and once when there was just one cabin on a pack n go rate, and every time someone clicked on it, it was taken out of inventory for a certain number of minutes.. it took her hours and she started at midnight. So anyone saying only a travel agent will go out of their way for you is biased. Inside Carnival agents can be just as good .. but its important to build up a relationship ahead of the time you have a problem.

I hope someone cancels but at this point since they get no refund, if I could not go, and did not have insurance, I would be a no show and not cancel my cabin.

There could be some like this, but I think its getting awfully late to try and book. I wish I had better news for you.

Are you calling Carnival direct?? Thats what I would be doing this close to the saling.
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