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Red face Would appreciate help in Jacksonville for first timers :)

We are leaving in just a few days and my husband decides to start asking detailed questions NOW!

We are driving down and he is concerned with where we will be able to park. Is there a SAFE, yet cost efficient place to leave our car near port? We were quoted $21 a day to leave it at port.

What time will we be able to board? We've heard that the 4 pm departure is when we can start, but I also found a site that said boarding MAY be allowed by 2 pm. We'd like to get on as early as possible so we can discuss my food issues first.

Is calling from the ship REALLY $1.99 a minute? Our daughter is in a cast and chose to stay with her gparents, so we will be calling her daily. I don't mind the cost per minute, just afriad of hidden charges that will eat us alive

I can't wait for our trip, but I also can't wait to get our first cruise under our belts and not such newbies anymore!

Thanks for the help!
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