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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
Travel agents and agencies also come and go, often taking clients money with them. At least Carnival is in no danger of going bankrupt.

That statement is so "way out there".

Anyone who risks paying for travel, paying up front (either by cash or check) is foolish, and taking a risk. Using a credit card for payment eliminates that risk easily, and clearly.

If the original poster (or anyone) was looking to book a cruise ONLY on Carnival, without looking at any other options trying a Carnival PVP might be ok. And they might happen on a good one.

But, if it were me, looking for something on such other notice, I would have been looking at all options. And looking at all options, without the assistance of a Travel Agent, would have meant checking all the cruise lines by myself.

Because a Carnival PVP wouldn't have a clue about availability on any other line.

Rather than try and spend all the time searching them all myself, I'd have definitely contacted a travel agent... and let them do all the work,
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