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Default Luggage express program

My wife & I signed up for the luggage express program on the Liberty. We were given paperwork that stated that if not in the Dining Room by 8:00a.m. we would be ineligible to participate in early debrakation. There were 75 folks that had signed up & 72 of us were in the dining room at 7:55. We were told at 8:15 that we all needed to wait on the other 3 so that we could all depart together. 8:30 still waiting and tempers from other folks waiting were beginning to surface. At 8:50 the staff sitting with us gave up on the announcements on the missing 3 & let us that had the ability to read a watch and simple directions head to customs. As we were leaving the other 3 were found asking staff where they were supposed to meet for the luggage express. It was a great cruise, great staff, just a little frustrating that we all had to wait on a few ding a lings. Long story short, next time I will save the $20 each & carry my bags off & wait in line at Mia airport.
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