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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
There always has to be a line drawn someplace when it comes to morality.... I actually do still know a few parents who don't let their kids watch anything they want on television.

There's a difference between being on a cruise where one guy in drag walks by, and sharing your cruise with a 50% drag queen clientele.

Keep in mind in the end Carnival did let them dress up the way they pleased. That is probably the reason one of them thanked Carnival.

But how many parents of adolescent kids who care about what their kids see thanked Carnival for the same cruise?

I was always very strict with both my boys (perhaps this is why the FBI said that Josh had one of the cleanest records they had ever seen when they qualified him for the Naval Top Secret clearance earlier this year)...

and while I am not a prude....I have my preferences of what I do and do not want to be around and I HAVE THAT RIGHT (yes in all caps) without being called petty names by jealous children who demand "it is their way or no way".

If we had been on this cruise when my boys were to young to have a discussion on the subject....(as long as it was just dressing up and no sexuality inappropriate behavior)...I would have just told my boys that they were celebrating Halloween late.

It has since been reported by a father (with children onboard) that there was inappropriate sexuality activity in public and in front of children.

THIS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED. (by gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, cross dressers whatever).

That is where any individual conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner should have been put off the ship or confined to their cabin.

People should know before they board a ship that their conduct must be PG in public around children.

Now what they do outside of the eyes and ears of children is their business....

And IF Carnival is going to advertise itself as a "family" cruise line, this has to be the standard that is maintained.

Everyone has the RIGHT to vacation where they are comfortable and again they have the RIGHT to do this without being called names or judged.....

Tolerance for crossdressing is a TWO WAY STREET....IF those who crossdress or whatever persuasion WANT tolerance...then they should give it back!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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