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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
I quoted a client for a Carnival cruise and there were 16 different fare codes! Of course, on the Carnival website, it advertises the lowest possible fare, but that's for a Category 1A (upper lower) or for a guarantee non-refundable, etc, etc. It can be extremely confusing to someone who's never booked before and doesn't understand all the various options and restrictions.

Carnival must have changed more than it's fares as the first price you see quoted before on the Carnival site was always a regular inside fare or guarantee as you said, never the 1A fare. You used to have to dig to find the 1A fares. Whereas I know some TA sites who quote the 1A fare, so it appears to the newbie that the TA site is cheaper than Carnival.

Have they changed this on the Carnival site for the public as well, so you see the 1A prices without digging?

I am not against TAs and have many that are personal friends. My only point was there are some PVPs who are excellent as well. If you have cruised enough that you know how to find things online yourself and know exactly what cruise you want.. a PVP can be good too.

I love my TA as well. I finally got to meet him face to face this last Sept.
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