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"Legend" is a Spirit Class ship, which is the absolute favorite of many, many cruisers. It's big enough to have almost anything you might want, but not so big that you have to pack a lunch before hiking from the bow to the stern. Also, it's one of the few ship designs that allow you to pass from bow to stern on any deck without having to go up, or down a deck or two in order to get there. I haven't personally sailed "Legend" for about two years, but the last time I did, she was GREAT. Also, embarking at the Port of Tampa is normally very easy, and IMO, one of the better ports from which to sail. I feel safe in suggesting that you're going to have a magnificant cruise aboard "Legend", and would bet that upon your return, you'll book her again! As a matter of fact, I just might join you on your "Legend" cruise, as I've been considering another cruise aboard that great ship myself.

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