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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

I'm amazed! Are there really people out there that don't enjoy their meal if the person at the next table is lacking a tux or formal dress? Is that person at the next table that valuable to your experience on the cruise? Did they come for a "vacation" or a showing of their "style"???? Be comfortable, you're on vacation! Those who want to be formal, enjoy it! Those who are "uncomfortable" in extreme formality, allow them to "enjoy their vacation without the constrains of formality". I think the cruiselines are coming to the realization that not everyone who cruises is into the formality need. And people who can afford the more expensive cruises don't necessarily need to show their goods. Therefore the freestyle cruising is becoming more popular.
I have cruised with Celebrity twice, and Carnival about 6-7 times. I found the food to be the same quality on both, with Carnival's quality increasing. I think the service and room accomodations is a bit higher with Celebrity.
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