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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Got this review on 12-23

by Sandra Goldberg
Eastern CaribbeanDecember 15, 2012

We were disappointed in some of the changes made on the Reflection. We have thoroughly enjoyed Aqua Class and Blu dining on Eclipse,Solstice and Equinox.

Reflection had many more Aqua guests and squeezed the tables together, but should have been made larger. Also,there were children and a baby for dinner,completely inappropriate. We love children and babies, but dinner should be for adults.That is why we pay exrea for Aqua Class. We enjoy dining in Blu.

Breakfast time was a fiasco. There were not enough waiters.The little sofas in the cabins were not sofas, but slabs of wood with hardpieces of foam on top.The quality of the food at dinner was just fair. I guess we cannot expext gourmet.

Our cabin attendant was superb. His Name was Ozy Fortado and he was the best we have ever had in 24 cruises.We are going again in April on the Equinox and hope everything will beas wonderful as it was when we were on there in January of this year.

Happy Sailing.
Children have always been allowed in Blu, that is the policy of Celebrity. By its nature, Blu does not get many children because they only allow two to a cabin however they are allowed. Don't see why its inappropriate, dinner is not just for adults, if you want an adults only dinner go to one of the Specialties that has an age 12 or over limit.

Age limits in Blu are clearly on their web site, here's the wording which has been in effect since Solstice class ships and of course Blu was introduced.

Guests dining in the following Specialty Restaurants must be at least 12 years old: Murano, SS United States, The Olympic, Ocean Liners, The Normandie. Also, children of any age that are booked in AquaClass® staterooms are welcome to dine in Blu with an adult.
Additionally, onboard our Solstice® Class ships, children that are booked in suites that are at least 12 years old will be accommodated in Blu when dining with an adult, based on availability only. Please note that any suite guests that dine in Blu will be charged a recommended gratuity of $5 per guest.

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