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When I recieved the call, I absolutely thought it sounded too good to be true as well. Luckily for me its right after christmas so being broke actually came in handy for me. I recieved the exact same "promotional cruise speech" and word of mouth is the best advertisement. etc. blah blah blah, then they continued to go on and on about the extended stay upgrade, free car rental, meals, etc. however, I told them even though it all sounds lovely, I cannot give them any money at that exact moment and if they can pull it the following day then sure i'd be interested, but no they wanted the $118 on the spot. I told them it wouldnt go through. So after I hang up with them, I started reading all these online testimonials. So just as a precaution, I called my bank. It showed that they had not only attempted to pull the $118, but made 4-5 more additional attempts for all different amounts, $49, $150, $200, $598. So thats when my financial institution blocked them and will only authorize a payment to them if i call back and personally give that authorization. So shout out to my bank, to Visa and to being broke at the moment because for once it saved me. None of the payments were able to go through
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