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Talking Hold a Rare Baby White Tiger Cub - Just off The Pier

Just as you walk to the end of the pier at Progreso, Mx, look to your far left (just before you see the first retail store) and you will see two guys sitting there with a white tiger cub. If you are brave and willing, pay them $5 and they will let you hold him and use your camera to take a few photos. They also have a monkey. Here is a closeup of the little guy.

Tip: I know its hot in Progreso, but avoid the guy who says he has the only air conditioned restaurant in Progresso..You will have to pass him on your walk into town. He had HORRIBLE food and tried so very very hard to overcharge us. He will tell you how great his food is and try to get you in the door with offers of free rot gut tequila..etc. Just RUN.

We did not take any excursions so sorry I cannot offer any help there..These tigers are EXTREMELY rare in the world and no where else would you EVER get to hold one. That's why I did it.
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