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We got that dreaded white stuff! About 4 + inches of heavy wet snow. It is pretty but I've seen enough it can melt now! Just wishing we could have headed south already but can't until around the 10th of Jan. Look out Texas I'm heading your way!!!!!
Power was out at my daughter's for about 4 hours this morning but it has returned. The kids are happy, what is Sat. morning without cartoons!
We were in Dayton, Oh. last night and managed to get back home before it got too bad. Thankful for that. It did take us about 45 minutes longer to get home than it did to get there but that's ok. Today is my day. I have a pillow sham that I found at Mom's that she had pieced. It just needed quilted so I am working on that. I don't do near as good of a job as she would have but I am attempting it.
Hope everyone has a great day. For those on the East coast stay warm and safe because our snow storm is heading your way.

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