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Default Verizon International Data Package

If you are a Verizon customer I strongly urge anyone who will be using their phone to add the International Data Package to their plan. It will cost you $29 for the setup but you will only be charged $25/ 100 Megabytes used while you are in roaming mode. It is allocated in 100 MB increments so if you use 130 MB you will be charged $50.

Cruise ships are included in this plan.

It will allow you to use your phone as a Mobile Hotspot, send and receive email, upload pictures to Facebook or other websites, use Navigation and browse the Internet, and send or receive SMS text pictures. Texting will still be .50 cents for each sent text and .05 for each text received.

I have done this on my last three cruises in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia and it has been great and the most data I have used is just over 300 MB.

There are many horror stories of people who have received large pictures via email or text or used their smartphone only to receive a HUGE bill when they return home. With this package you will have a good idea of what your bill will be.

You must have a "Global Phone" that is CDMA and GSM capable in order to work everywhere but a standard Verizon, CDMA phone will work on board and in many Caribbean and Asian countries. In Europe you will need a GSM option.

Other wireless providers may have similar plans so I would check with yours if you are not a Verizon customer. It could save you a lot of money if you want to use your phone outside the country.

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