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Originally Posted by ProudUSMCWife View Post
I viewed your pics yesterday from your 2012 cruise. They were gorgeous!!! I noticed you've cruised the Conquest out of NOLA on the Belize itinerary as well as the Magic out of Galveston on the Jamaica/Grand Cayman itinerary. Which do you prefer?
Is your question which itinerary .. or which ship. Magic hands down. Ill let zydecocruise answer for himself which itinerary.

My biggest problem with this itinerary on Conquest.. I described below .. Jamaica on the same day Magic was there.. the pushing and shoving to get on a shuttle to the main port area where Magic was, was awful. Big turn off for me. I could have walked it in 5 minutes, but not allowed.. I did not like having to push my way onto the shuttle. No one in charge .. just pushing and shoving.

Having been on the same cruise with zydecocruiser and I did a B2B on conquest and Magic, end of sept into Oct, so recently.

I much preferred Magic. The food in the dining room was much better, but that could be a matter of luck. I really like Tandori for lunch, one day in particular. They rotate the Indian food menu on a 3 day rotation.

Magic has a serenity area and the back pool is just gorgeous.

Magic on Thursday, Cozumel day, they had hundreds and hundreds of towel animals in every chair and on every surfact up on Lido deck, even floating on a surfboard in the pool.

When we did Conquest the same western that Magic was doing, in Jamaica they had us dock around the corner and we had to shuttle to the port that Magic was at. The shuttle was not organized and there were no lines, just when one would show up, everyone pushed and shoved to get on. I missed at least 3 shuttles because I did not want to fight. I felt like conquest is treated like a 2nd class citizen.

Conquest does not have a serenity area, which might or might not be of importance to you. The food on Magic seemed to be more spread out in the buffet and less lines.

Magic had the $39.99 24/7 slow connection and the $99.99 50X faster internet connection for the whole week. I do not believe Conquest is even wired for the faster connection. It is nice to get internet for $39.99 on my tablet for the whole week onboard.

Magic is one of the 2 ships that has the ropes course, nice if you have kids or adults who are big kids. It also has waterworks, whereas Conquest has the one slide. It has the Red Frog Pub with the food, whereas 2.0 red frog bar is just a bar, not the food. Since this food carries a cost of $3.33, again it might not be what you want, but it draws some away from the other food venues keeping them less crowded than the buffet area on conquest. The lack of waterworks might be a deciding factor for some too.

I would cruise either again .. but if prices were the same, Magic hands down. Of course there is about 10 years almost difference in ship age which shows. I still like Conquest.. but I loved Magic.

Thur is towel animal day on Lido on Magic

The back pool does not show very well, but you can see other nice lounging areas.. and the back pool is very nice. I didnt want to bore you with too many pictures.. but these illustrate why I prefer Magic.

Rope course, only on Breeze and Magic

Beautiful serenity area. Conquest has no serenity area.

Conquest 7/21/13, Miracle ALASKA 8/27/13, Miracle HAWAII 9/17/13, Celebrity Summit, 11/30/13, Celebrity Summit, 12/7/13, Celebrity Constellation, 2/7/14, NCL Epic 3/2/14, Allure 5/4/14, Allure 11/2/14, Quantum 12/8/14

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