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Adam Francis
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Default Re: Nice sports coat and slacks enough for formal night?

A sports coat and slacks are inappropriate for a Celebrity Cruise. Especially now that they have re-branded, there are stories of people being DENIED ENTRENCE to the main dinning room because they are not in proper attire. Again, these are just stories, I do not know if they are true. After 6 Celebrity Cruises, they only people I see in a nice sports coat and slacks are young children. If you go on a truly upscale cruise line like Silversea, Crystal, or Radisson, almost all men are in tuxedoes, never mind suites. I know how you feel, sometimes I don't want to dress up either, and that is why they also have a delicious casual dinner service at the buffet. And that is insane about peopleís cruise experience being ruined because others choose not to dress up. I quite frankly donít care what other people where, I just respect Celebrityís dress code.

Adam Francis

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