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Default Re: Nice sports coat and slacks enough for formal night?

To Adam Francis:

A very nice sports jacket/blazer and slacks are perfectly appropriate for informal
evenings- and not on formal or even semi-formal evenings. Many people do
not have the opportunities or experience to engage in the wide variety of events
that require a knowledge to make distinctions between formal, semi-formal,
informal, and the latest catch-phrase- "elegantly casual". Unless you take a
course in etiquette, many people rely on the good natured and kind advice of
those who are experienced. Not welcome or need are the unkind, snide, snobbish
remarks and behavior of those who think they are better informed. "They" may be
better informed, but not in the ways of showing basic goodwill to others. By the
way, even "rednecks" know how to spell "suits"-- not "suites"!!

So get off your high horse, and relax - don't worry about what others are wearing,
just enjoy your space and the people you associate with! Ultimately, it is up to
the cruise lines and travel agents to inform potential clients of the dress codes,
and ambiance of the cruise line they are considering PRIOR to booking! If the
cruise lines and agents aren't clear, send mixed messages, etc. then that is what
will happen- a few misinformed passengers wearing a nice sports jacket on a
semi-formal or informal evening-- God forbid!! How shocking!!

Like some people say, don't sweat the small stuff! There are more serious
issues to address such as drunkeness, vandalism, theft, etc. Do I need to say

JanGail (Yes, I'm having a bad day, and yes, I feel better now)
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