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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Moriane good to hear you have your daughter trained with drinking and driving....I do the same with my son....
Last night we left the party and OMG so many people were drunk and getting into the drivers side and driving away....What the heck are people thinking???? Have a non drinking driver or take a cab!!
I was going to have one grasshopper early in the night but it was not made right so ended up with shirley temples all night.

Great news LF!!

Bob how did the hardware shopping go??
Drinking and driving make me nuts. Why risk your life and other people's lives? I won't do it and neither will my hubby. Even in my younger years I felt strongly about it and I have never done it. I wait at least an hour after having a drink to drive and longer if I have had more then one. I would feel guilty if I ever hurt or killed someone with my car. Last night my last drink was at 10PM and my hubby drove home his was before that.

LF I'm glad to hear your medical problem hasn't reoccurred. I hope it's gone for good.

Bob my hubby loves trips to the hardware store. I'm in the gardening section he is in tools.

I hit big five and sports authority today for this year's resolution. I'm trying to fit into my skinny jeans for my Hawaiian cruise. My plan diet and exercise. I got the Wii Zumba so I want to try that out. I do a Zumba class Mondays and Wednesday. Thanks CQ for telling me about it. C-sis is a fan as well. She goes Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. She has Zumba rush for X-box connect and loves it. I'm going to add some weight lifting and AB work to the exercise list. I'm trying to do 4 work outs a week. Wish me luck. The exercising for me is much easier then the eating right food.

BTW CQ I love your new Avatar was that from your last cruise?
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