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We are back and I wanted to answer my own question in case someone else has the same one.

The Jamaica River Tubing was our favorite excursion. We had a blast! It was me (40), my husband (42), our son (15), and our daughter (13). The excursion is run by Chukka Adventure Tours. The ride to the river was about 30 min. and most of it was on a winding, narrow, mountain road. That was an adventure in itself.
Once we got to the tubing spot the accommodations were very nice. There was a gift shop, bathroom/ changing rooms, and a restaurant. They do have lockers for $5. Unfortunately, by the time I got mine the large lockers were taken and only small ones were left. We left our ship cards and money in the locker and our bag of towels on the van. It was all perfectly safe.
They tell you to not take anything with you on the river and I would agree. You will get wet head to toe. Water shoes are recommended and you can rent them there. I'm not sure how much that is since we had our own. Flip flops are not recommended because they will come off. You will want something on your feet. If you are like me you'll end up floating to the side often and having to push off the bank with your feet.
There are photographers along the river taking your picture. You can purchase these on a CD. Seven pictures are $25, 10 pictures are $30, and they go up from there. I got 10 pictures. There are very good quality and I'm pleased with them. I never could have gotten those pictures myself, especially on the rapids.
A good part of the river is slow and easy going. There are about 4 different rapids and the guides make you go down one at a time. We were on the river for about an hour.
After the tubing we had 30 min. at the shop. They serve a great Jamaican Jerk Chicken. You are asked to order before your tubing and it will be ready when you get back. We did not order before, but were still able to get one plate to share as a snack. It was delicious.
The ride back down the mountain was interesting. They call it a one lane, two way road. We met another bus on its way up and no one on our van thought we'd get past. There were goats tied to the road on one side with a steep bank going up. The other side of the road there was a house with a brick gate. We eventually squeezed past the bus with about two inches between us.
As I said before, we had a wonderful time. I highly recommend this excursion.
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