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Good evening to all! I'm uhhhh......tad late for the daily post but I guess "late" is better than "never."

Today the girls came to clean and boy did the house need it. I am so restricted physically that I don't have enough energy to do almost anything. What miniscule amount I have left, I attribute to my Bi-Pap.

Went up the road early New Year's Eve for Karis Heart Foundation's annual dinner dance. The whole shebang was top shelf from start to finish (the venue, the food (including outrageopus hors'doerves) to the rather expensive red and white wines and beer (all of which were free and as much as you wanted). The theme this year was the 80's and a goodly number of folks actually took it to heart and "dressed" accordingly. One fellow had on one of those shirts that make one look as if they were covered in tatoos. All you saw was his arms but he said the entire T shirt was that way. The shirt is so realistic that for the longest time, I actually thought the guy was really covered in tatoos!

Of course Jeff and his band were appropriately theme-attired. You'd never believe in a thousand years what that the band leader does for a living. One of the band members Tony Rominger is retired and now teaches music. He plays the wind instruments and is at least either 60 years of age or very close to it. It's so obvious why he helped back up some of the biggest names in rock 'n roll history. Actually he can play well virtually any instrument from wind through strings (both lead and base electric guitar and the keyboards) and that I never knew. The band was so good that they emptied out the hotel bar and people came in just to listen to The Johnson City Hitmen. Jeff also has a very talented keyboardist who often was playing both piano and organ simultaneously (Jeff added actually two more keyboards mounted atop the original which itself cost over four grand). A lot of sick children are going to be able to have their parents with them when they are most needed as a result of a lot of check books that were opened up. It was truly great of the folks a goodly number of which were "high rollers" but there were funds by even those who aren't, some of whom gave until it had to have hurt and I know that for a fact.

BTW, the tickets were only 75 bucks apiece whereas the buffet at the Sands Casino in Pennsylvania was Ninety-Nine dollars! The problem is Adelaide said, they had the same items that they always have for $24.95 and you're comped ten dollars that reduces that to $14.95. That is incredible and I'm surprised they get away with it. New Year's Eve one could eat cheaper and better at one of the Emeril's restaurants within the casino which are themselves quite expensive. But they didn't jack up their prices four fold just because it was New Year's Eve.

Before getting into "party mode," Jeff always explains the reason behind the foundation and by the time he finished (including the recording of some famous DJ (I think it was Philadelphia) who was told about Kari's story the day she was admitted to a children's cardiac unit in Philly). The fellow was so touched by the foundation's purpose that he urged drivers to pull over and join him in a quick prayer (and this just is not done on big city rock 'n roll stations!). It was patently obvious the fellow was actually trying to control his sobbing during his prayer. I gather hundreds of cars pulled over.

I definitely didn't feel like going the other night but I'm so glad I did. I was treated in such a manner that I was looking in the mirror for the crown that apparently was sitting atop my head. Never found it though!

I have never seen a band play as long as they did with just two very short breaks of fifteen minutes (maybe less). They cranked it up at seven and stayed cranked for EIGHT HOURS! The over 150 folks in attendance certainly danced the night away. Jen had a repeat of last year's silent auction except that it was twice as big and featured at least twenty five items valued above $1,000. They had everything from something as simple as Payton Manning's autographed photo when he was at the University of Tennessee (valued at around $250) to some of the most gorgeous oils, both landscapes and portraits I've ever laid eyes upon. Even the least expensive stuff wasn't cheap (i.e. a pair of gorgeous table lamps). Where Jen gets all of these high dollar donations I haven't a clue and of course included was the obligatory nickel plated Mdl. 1911 .45 automatic that was valued at I think it was $1,600. They had about fifty items to bid upon probably half of which were valued at over one grand.

It was a fantastic outpouring for a fantastic cause. I'm so proud to be even insignificantly involved with the organization.

As I wrote on another thread, I hope that each and everyone of you enjoyed a pleasant New Year's Eve and will be recipients of God's Blessings including good health and prosperity throughout the entire span of 2013.
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