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Default Re: Nice sports coat and slacks enough for formal night?

This debate on dress codes has raged-on for several years on ALL the cruise website message boards, yet I don't think ANYONE has convinced those with opposing views to reconsider their POV. Until Celebrity decides to (or ignores to) enforce it's "requested" dress attire, nothing will change. They are attempting to "upscale" again as they were in the beginning, but how can this be accomplished if they don't provide a "clear and accurate" mandate for their product-line? It's clear to me that having guidelines that aren't enforced entitles pax to "interprete" rules however they see fit. If Celebrity plans on truly becoming "upscale" again, they MUST set a standard for ALL to follow. If this means allowing alternate dining for those who prefer "country club casual", please inform clients of the options when they are researching cruise lines or ships. When I go to purchase any product, I expect the manufacturer to supply a product that is what they claim. I choose Celebrity mainly for their food , service, beautiful ships and their "traditionalist" style. I don't get upset by those who can't/won't adhere to daily dress standards, but it certainly "lessens" the experience somewhat. For some, a cruise is something thev've dreamed about for years and have saved for over many years. For me, I don't think it too much to dress-up for a few hours a few nights a cruise. When I look back at cruise photos of formal nights from years back, it still gives me a special feeling and helps me to remember special times with my soulmate and wife. That's what "formal" nights mean to me. Celebrity, are you paying attention to these boards?????????????

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