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Originally Posted by zdgp View Post
The biggest problem with slots is you can never know what the house percentage is. On the other “big three” we can be precise. The house percentage is 5.26% at roulette and 1.414% on the come bet at craps. The house edge at blackjack depends on the rules and the skill of the player. The “basic strategy” player is usually looking at a house edge of less than 1%, and closer to ½% with good rules.
zdgp has it right regarding roulette. And it does not matter how you play, even/odd, one number, combination of numbers or wherever you put your chips the pay back is 94.7% in all casinos w/American tables.

As far as odds w/slots, ships do not pay as high as Vegas, they don't have any competition. Machines that typically pay the most are ones visible to the public, for instance at ends of aisles and entrances to the casino.

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