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CQ I agree when I was on FOS I noticed one of the photo areas had better lightening and reflectors. I made my hubby go over there for formal night photos. Those were the best pictures of the cruise. That and the drunk photos, I got a bit into my cups on the two for one Margaritas one night. Those pictures were funny as heck.

CQ I'm trying the Wii Zumba today I will let you know what I think of it.

It was so cold this morning my dog's water dish had a layer of ice on it. I'm hoping for rain, that normally warms things up.

I can vouch for TM's guest room. Heck his whole house is really nice. We had a great visit with Mr. and Mrs. TM last year. They are wonderful hosts.

Bob I'm glad to hear your plumbing problem are fixed. But paying the plumber doesn't that feel like flushing money down the towel. Okay that was my first dumb joke of 2013.

I put on a Hawaiian dress poll if you guys are interested in voting on your favorite.
Formal Night Hawaiian dress poll
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