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Default Good Friday Morning

Good morning to everyone. It looks like a standard, clear and cool, Minnesota morning. 20F on the thermometer but it's clear so it should be a nice day.

Well: It's official. I have pneumonia. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and my white count and x-ray confirmed it. Now I have the heavy duty antibiotics, nebulizer and the "good" cough syrup that doesn't really stop the cough but you don't give a darn.

I actually have felt a lot worse so I'm not too worried about it. The only thing was that my doctor said it could take three to four weeks to fully recover. It better not impact my upcoming cruise. He thought I should still be able to go but I need to go back for a follow up appointment just to make sure.

Otherwise, life is good. The grandkids arrive tonight and will be with us for the next week. Their parents are going to be gone for the next week on a business/pleasure trip and grandma will need to drive them to and from school and grandpa will be cooking and packing lunches for them and making sure the homework is done. Gee: I'll feel 25 years younger. Then again, twenty five years ago it was Betty cooking, packing lunches and making sure the homework was done and I was coming home around nine or ten and nuking supper. I think I like this better.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful upcoming weekend.

Take care,
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