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Just today I booked a 7 night on FOS. I asked my rep about the unlimites booze packages and this is what I was told.

There are two seperate packages to choose from:

1) $45 a day/per person includes - unlimited soda/wine/beer

2) $55 a day/per person includes - unlimited soda/wine/beer/mixed & frozen drinks

I was told you cannot book these packages online you have to wait until you are on the ship to do so. I was also told that the booze used for the mixed drinks can be semi-premium booze - so you won't be drinking bottom shelf

- I did read on a forum somewhere that if you get the $45 package that you cannot order beer that is over $6.25 a bottle. However I didn't ask the rep because I am classy girl and drink Bud Light!

I think that we may opt to do the drink package because on our last RCL cruise back in 2006 our booze bill for 4 people was over $900!!!!

I would love to hear from people that have used the drink packages. Did you think it was worth it?

- Anyone know what the price of a frozen margarita is? Or what a jack and coke costs? If they are around $8 a pop or more I think the package would be worth it.
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