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I'll try to answer what I can. Was just on FOS last March with my 10 year old.

1) How will I know what nights/how many nights are formal? On a 7 day cruise, there are two formal nights according to RCCL's website. We did not find out which nights those were until we were on the ship. If I can find my Compasses from the ship, I can look and see which nights ours were.

How formal are the formal night on FOS? We cruised on SOS back in 2006 and I think there were only about 5 other men besides my hubby and FIL in tuxes. <I saw a mixture, but more suits than tuxes. My son wore a suit on formal night, but did not wear a jacket on "smart casual" nights.

2) Booze drink packages - worth it? What are the limitations? <For me, they are not. I am not a big drinker. They are $45 a day and I wouldn't drink that much. More info here Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages | Royal Caribbean Blog

3) Kids club info for ages 3-5 - What kind of activities do they do? Did your child enjoy the activities? <My son is 10. Can't answer this. He did enjoy it the day he attended in his age group.

4) Nursery/babysitting - How do you book? Need info just in case my son isn't potty trained in time.

5) What are rules about bringing food onboard - I am thinking it will be helpful to have a stash of granola bars or crackers for my son.

6) Are there fridges in the staterooms? Yes

7) What are some shore excrusions that you did and loved? Son LOVED the turtle excursion in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We did the dolphin excursion in Cozumel, but the liked the turtles better. We liked the "Discover Haiti Coastal Cruise" in Labadee. We took an excursion to a plantation in Falmouth that he did not like. The plantation was interesting, but WAY too much driving time. I'm being careful with respect to that in choosing excursions from now on.

8) Did you use the toy lending program? How does it work? Are the toys nice?

9) I have seen a lot of things on forums about the Noro virus.. how worried should I be. I mean I know that I can protect myself by washing my hands and such but should I be worried about my son contracting it in the kids club. Should I carry clorox wipes with me on the ship? I didn't and had no issues.

10) What is your favorite things about Freedom of the Seas? Favorite area? Any must not miss things? The balcony on our cabin. Free cookies from the cafe in the promenade. The pool area. Enjoyed the magic show. The pool area is wonderful. Don't miss walking around the deck at night and looking at the stars with your kids. :-)
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