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Good morning Manuel and everyone to come.

I was just going to put up a GM thread when I saw this. I guess everyone is enjoying a good Saturday morning.

I'm in day 3 of "Pneumonia 2013". I'm feeling a bit better but still not too good. The grandkids are here and right now they and grandma are playing "Let's Dance" on the Wii. Grandpa isn't up to that right now. If they had a game called "Let's Hack" I would win hands down. I like the Wii games because they get people moving and not like the games where the only thing that gets a workout are your thumbs.

Grandma will take the kids skating this afternoon and grandpa will stay home and take it easy. I will make sauced chicken legs for dinner. It's easy and the kids love them. Take some chicken legs, lightly season them, lay them out on a sheet pan, throw on some BBQ sauce and toss them in a 350F oven for an hour. I might even get ambitious and make some rice and veggies.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and a wonderful upcoming week.

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