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Good morning everyone from Greater downtown Mineral Wells, Texas. The temp is 41 and sunny.

WE arrived last night, and boy what a trip. Did you ever see Deliverance?

Not this town, but what is between here and home.

The landscape was beautiful. I guess the rich from Fort Worth-Dallas, who want horse farms, live here.

The only problem is I have a bad reaction to horses. Not just touching, but something they emit that causes me to swell. Just as soon as we would leave one farm, there would be another. I have never seen so many horses in my life. By the time we got here, I had a partial closed windpipe, and a horrible headache. I feel much better this morning, but didn't sleep very well.

Bella is here with me this weekend, and she and I have been walking this morning. Thankfully no horses around here, but a beautiful golf course. No Kuki, I wasn't walking Bella on the course.

I am so looking forward to tonight. IT's playoff season for the NFL, and believe it or not, I planned this trip around the games. I will only miss one of them, and we have found the Ravens football network on the radio to listen to on the way home.

Manuel, My heart stopped this morning when I found out a plane had hit a house in your town. Glad to see you are okay.

Well I have a Kindle calling my name.

Everyone have a good day.

Mike, Get better soon.

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