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I am glad they are addressing this issue. It was out of hand. On any given morning, unless it was raining people would put a single flip flop on several chairs. No one would show up for hours if at all. They're not that many one footed people on the cruise. The new system seems to be an improvement and deterrent.

Something opposite happened to me in the Casino on the Fantasy. I am playing my favorite machine and needed to go to the restroom. Friends are nearby so I leave my S&S card with lanyard in along with my credits. I also tilted the stool under the coin tray as is customary for a machine in use. I come back within 3 minutes and a lady is pulling my card out. So I tell her that I am playing that machine and just went to the restroom. Her response was she didn't know you could do that. I now get a crew member to watch my machine when going to the restroom.
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