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Hi Kids,
Bright and chilly today, with the coming week bringing temps close to 50. Shades of winter 2011...[I wish]

The fiscal cliff has hit the wealthy little town, where I work, and business is down, so for the rest of January, my Saturdays will be all mine, to do what I will with it.Lord knows where Bruce will be dragging me.

I have yet to watch any episoded, but I ordered season 1 of Downton Abbey & Magic City, to watch on my new,larger Kindle. Season 3 of Downton starts tonight,and with all the raves, I wanted to begin at the begining of both series. Magic is set in Miami Beach in the 50's with mob guys..right up my alley!

Bruce is making his famous spagetti, so the door is open for one and all

Make it a good one.

Trip, with her book & tea!
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