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Good morning Laura, Mike M, Luanne, Donna, Linda and all who follow.

Winter's been here since New Year with temps down to the high teens to lower twenties at night here in upper East Tennessee. It is, however, supposed to warm up beginning tomorrow.

Mike, I am so sorry to hear of your pneumonia but I can see how it can sneak up on you. Last year when I broke my back and they put me in the "horsepistol" I came within an ace of dying from pneumonia and didn't even know it until they discharged me! I am guess the pain in my back over rode the Pneumonia symptoms. Please stay relaxed and in bed as much as possible. I'm sure Nurse Betty will take good care of you as did my Fran of me when I was sick but with one big difference. I had Nurse Cratchet! Probably the best thing you could is recover on yet another cruise! They really do have sufficient medical facillity as long as you stay with the Nurse and out of the clutches of the ship's Doctor many of whom have utterly failed in their own land businesses.

For some reason (I don't even know why), I got caught up in the football "mania" department and as I've been under the weather for several days now, have been watching college ball. It is for me so much more interesting as the players are playing for their school as opposed to those multi-millionair salariess they make in the NFL even though some of them will end up in the "pros." I love the Oregon Ducks just for the name. They weren't expected to even "show up" against Kansas (I think it was Kansas) but they ended up winning by double digit points. Quack! Quack!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and although I'll be alone I'm still cooking myself a complete meal built around a baked "Smoked" pork butt.

Again, take care of yourselves my beloved Cruisemates and I hope everyone has a prosperous week.
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