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Good Morning cruisemates! 45 degress in Scottsdale as I type. But, we're supposed to see temps in the upper 60s today. So, indeed I do have a golf scheduled, but planned it a bit later in the morning to give it a chance to warm up.

Mike.. feel for you. My Dr. and friend was visiting with his wife, and she came down with pneumonia. He started her on a regimen of cough syrup at night, and strong antibiotics, but it still took her a week of doing almost nothing to recover. Then she got to go home to the cold, just as she was feeling better.

Mrs. Kuki and I had a day of bonding at the Tangier outlet mall yesterday. About a 40 minute drive each way, and we enjoyed a late lunch at a restaurant not far from the mall.

I was shocked at how busy the mall was. Must have been a whole lot of people out using the gift cards they got for Christmas; that's all I could think of for it being so busy.

We did manage to fill the trunk with bags full of stuff for both of us. Odd because neither of us needed anything
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