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Originally Posted by lousgal2 View Post
The Blu should have been made larger. All they did was squeeze the tables together to add more .
We were on Dec 15 - 22 and there were quite a few loud children and one baby in a highchair.
I love kids,but I do not think Blu is the appropriate
venue for babies.
The Grill should have been enclosed. Ours was a windy voyage and we were blown away,just looking at it.
The hideaway was a delight. So relaxing.
Our favorite of the Solstice class ships is still the Equinox.
Something warm about it.
Thanks for your comments. They are very helful.
Just so you are aware children have always been allowed in Blu...

Here's a link.. The ad in between is Cruisemates, not me.

Cruise Dining: Cruise Ship Dining Options | Celebrity Cruises
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