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CQ, it was our first cruise...when the Carnival Conquest was sailing out of Galveston.

Well, we'll see if mom will come through. I'm not going to move if she will. There is no sense. I'll need the storage and space. I had/have my daughter in the master bedroom because when dad was here I needed to be in a bedroom by him where I could here him when he called. I told her I'd move the daughter to dad's old room and she could have the master. She will have room for her twin bed, tv, and loveseat, along with her other stuff, and there is a large walkin closet, plus she'll have her own bathroom. I also told her we'd get a landline for in there for her because she won't use a cell.

She was talking about moving into a senior center here though, in which case I'll go ahead and downgrade. I'm afraid after a while she'll need to move in with me. It might get cramped in the summer when my daughter is in.
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