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TM I'm glad to hear your mom is doing ok!

Yeah some folks do better in a home. My dad would be fine in a home however my mom says she never wants to be in a home no matter what! There are good facilities and bad ones too...have to find the right one. My dad was in a home but only temporary for rehab for 5 weeks. they had a nice dining room and plenty of activities to keep the residents, musicians come in the afternoon and play, tea parties, pets drop by to visit, a halloween party...they have more of a social life in the home then me.

Moiraine what do you mean by going to court for custody of a parent? In the reading I'm doing I hear dementia does not happen overnight rather it takes awhile to be full blown. In the evenings my Dad will say "I am going to the other house" (they only have one house) or "the bedroom is upstairs" (they live in a one level home).

Thanks Bob I'm looking into the Crown Princess not Caribbean my mistake. just worry there won't be enough teens onboard. I'll give it some thought. Most people want a ship with few/no teens I'm looking for a ship with lots of teens.

Have a super day everyone!!!

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