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Default I am available in April

Originally Posted by Sea.Sno.Gem View Post
Who I'm looking for:
I'm looking for someone preferably female, but a male cabin mate is okay. I don't mind having someone to explore the ports with or if you prefer to go on your own, that is totally fine as I am independent. We can meet at the destination port, so I don't require a flight companion.

My "must-see" destination is Rome! I would also love to see Barcelona, Venice, and Sicily. I am also open to seeing Athens, Santorini, Marseille, Ibiza and Morocco. I'm open to suggestions.

I haven't set the exact dates or booked flights. I have 2 weeks of vacation right now and want to use them before the year is up. I will be getting another 2 weeks of accrued vacation by September. I'm hoping to go sometime before mid May, if not I will go in mid September. No preference on cruiseline, however I have cruised with Norwegian before.

Why not? For fun, adventure and exploring. I just want to explore the Mediterranean as I have not been to Europe yet.

About me:
(SWF) I'm an outgoing yet laid-back, adventurous, and active woman in her 30s from the Seattle area in Washington State (U.S.).


I will be able to take two weeks in April if you give me the dates in advance so I can arrange at my job. I am 52 yo Hispanic male. I live in Salt Lake City. I love cruising. Let me know what you think. You can answer here and also email me to
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