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Sunny but cool morning here after the past few days being in the high 60's. Cool front is moving through with a possibilty of sleet tomorrow night. Our trip to Texas has be delayed for a week or so. Will shorten our time there but we are hoping to leave in about 10 days if nothing else comes up.
Since we were home we tackled a few home improvement jobs. Started last Monday morning removing all the wall paper from the kitchen. D/H then painted the walls & ceiling for me. It was then my job to put up the new splash guard around the stove & sink. Looks pretty darn good now! I cleaned out all the cabinets and pitched lots of odds & ends that were no longer in use. Then on Thursday, my son-in-law came over with his truck so we could go to our local Lowes for 2 new garage doors. By 5 pm we had 2 new doors with the garage door openers working! It is so nice to have things back in good working order. I have told my sister she is not allowed to park anywhere near the doors when she comes as she hit one of them a couple of years ago while attempting to back up. Got a good laugh out of her on that and she promised not to go near them.
Today I will be doing mostly office work. After pretty much taking last week off I really need to get some quotes out to clients today.
Everyone have a great day.

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