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Good morning everyone.

It's another cold one here in America's Icebox. Actually it isn't too cold. It's only 0F. It is supposed to climb to a balmy +24. It will be time to break out the sunscreen and shorts.

Actually it is time to break out the sunscreen and shorts because today we'll get our clothes out and put in the staging area for Betty to pack. The talking heads are predicting snow for Saturday so we decided to spend Friday night in a hotel that is closer to the airport. That way our SIL won't need to drive us in snow.

Last night Betty and I decided to go to "Buffalo Wild Wings". I think they are a national chain but have only tried one location by my daughter's house. It is basically a Sports Bar that serves chicken wings and they are pretty good. One opened closer to our house and we thought we would give it a try. They definitely need a new "fry boy". The wings were "extremely" overcooked, dried out and drowning in sauce. We sent the first batch back and the second was no better. We talked to the manager and told him that he needs to raise the standards and then went and had Pad Thai. We'll give them another try in a few months and see if they've improved or if they are still open. At least Betty's beer was good.

So today is packing and that's about it.

Donna: I'm also doing my "Aquafitness". I'm lifting my coffee cup to my lips at least 20 times. Hey, coffee is made with water.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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