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Good morning everyone!

I feel like I'm in movie sequel. PACKING DAY 42"This time it's personal."

Yes, this will be cruise numbers 42 and 43 for me. I just looked at my bio on the Staff Page and it still says 15 cruises. I better send Paul an update. I still remember February 4, 2000 when I boarded the Celebrity Mercury for our first cruise. How amazed I was at the size of the ship. (Small by today's standards)
How great the food was. The attentive service, the wonderful places we went and the comfort of the bed. It really made some impression since I still remember the date and have booked 42 more since then.

Yesterday, Betty and I did some impromptu shopping. I have been on a chicken wing binge so we went to lunch at a local sports bar and had more chicken wings. After that we stopped at TJ Maxx and Betty looked at some costume jewelry and bought a new bathing suit. I was the one who went somewhat overboard. They had some nice dress shirts for $15 (Pierre Cardin) that were actually in the "baby Hippo" size and nice dress wool blend dress slacks for $20. No one will ever notice one leg is three inches shorter than the other. It was a fun afternoon and we spent a whole $97; including the chocolate covered cashews I impulse purchased at the check-out.

Well: I better get the rear in gear and start pulling out my socks, underwear and t-shirts for the trip.

Donna: While having our "chicken wings" yesterday we played their electronic trivia and won. Our wings were 1/2 off. I like that.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Take care,
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