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Sunny in NW Ohio with temps to get to mid 30's today. Not much else happening. Having the house generator installed in the evenings this week. What fun. The dogs are having fits all evening long!!

RD - good luck at trivia tonight

Manuel - hello, enjoy your sunshine!

MikeM - enjoy your cruise

Marsdude - you like your new weather station equipment!!

Moiraine - hope all goes well with your mom moving in

LS80 - it may only be a dental cleaning, but don't you just love it when they dig at the plaque in your teeth; like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!!

I think I am trying to catch a cold. I have sneezed and sniffled all morning, ugh! At least I have a doctor's appointment already set for tomorrow morning for other issues, so I will just add this to the list!! Oh joy!

Have a good day all!
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