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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
We'd love to do a CM cruise from Houston or Galveston. It's too expensive for airfare and cruise $$$ for us to cruise from Florida for just 7 days. The airfare is SO expensive! If we can drive to Texas we can afford more cruise day's !
Within the past few years we've had two groups out of Galveston. One that Trip hosted, and one that Snoozeman hosted. I don't recall the exact numbers, but if I recall, both were around 20- 30 people.

Part of the problem in picking group cruises is that some people want the "ship to pick em up at home" - by that I mean, like you, they want to cruise out of the port closest to them (whether that is New York, Florida, Texas, or whatever.

Then others like Judy, who don't want to cruise certain lines, or only want to cruise certain lines.

Don't get me wrong... very understandable, and normal approaches. They are all just factors that affect the process of choosing group cruises.

Also, to address Judy, the cruise lines won't just agree to give you six months. They have made groups more difficult, not less. They used to guarantee pricing, now unless it's something like Carnival's "early saver rates" they don't even do that.

Some large agencies sometimes will actually buy the cabins in order to hold them longer.

It is just a fact that it takes longer to "build" a group on the Internet. Other "affinity groups" like music cruises, etc. build a bit quicker.

When travel agents were allowed to discount pricing, it was pretty easy to get group space and offer considerable discounts.

All of that said, I am going to try and set up a seven day group cruise, for fall or early winter 2013... since you folks are expressing interest.

Then, we'll hope you jump in to participate.
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