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Default Re: Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?


Why is that you are so concerned with making Celebrity an ELITE line of cruising?

Celebrity is -- and has always been -- a "premium" cruise line, like Holland America Lines and Princess Cruises. It is not a high end luxury line, but it also is not a line for the unwashed masses. Like other premium cruise lines, Celebrity maintains certain expectations that most mainline lines don't maintain -- and that includes an expectation of proper dress.

So why are you trying to turn Celebrity into a "mainstream" or even a "bargain basement" line for the "unwashed masses" who can't afford to meet Celebrity's standards?

Celebrity REALLY held to the standard that you and Norm are suggesting, it would eliminate ALOT of interested people, only for the reason that many would not want to be around this type of cruiser, it would lend to a very boring atmosphere.

That depends entirely upon what makes people "interesting" to you.

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