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While you won't be assigned a Category 1A, which is the inside with bunk beds, if you select an inside guarantee, you could still end up in an undesirable location (very front of the ship, under a noisy area, etc.). So it's a gamble and it really depends on how flexible you are.

If you select an oceanview, you could end up in the front of the ship where the windows are more like port holes.

We've booked the Super Saver Fare for alot of clients and sometimes it's okay and other times it's not. We just had a client today that found out their cabin is as far forward as they can get. Unfortunately, the ship is sold out and we can't move them to another cabin.

Sometimes, your agent can get you moved into another cabin if you're assigned something you don't like, but there's no promise that can happen.

Most of the time when we travel, we get the guarantee cabin because it's the cheapest and we really don't care where we are because once we leave the cabin, everything else is equal.

So, if you're adventuresome, then go for it. If you don't like surprises, then perhaps one of the other special fare codes might be better for you.

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