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Ok... just want to remind folks of the actual recent history of 7 day CruiseMates Group Cruises we've had and offered.

Feb. '11 Carnival Glory - hosted by Snoozeman

Nov. '11 Celebrity Eclipse - hosted by Mike M

Mar. '12 NCL Epic - hosted by Trip

Winter '12 we offered a 7 day on Allure of the Seas that we eventually cancelled because no one booked it... at that time the travel agent handling that group was even offering a draw amongst people who booked, for a free cabin, as incentive to get people to book early (before cabins would be clawed back)

How many of you were on any of those cruises?

I love our group cruises! The fact is the people in our community can always have reasons not to book the particular cruises offered; not the date, not the right time of year, not the right ships, not the right cruise line, etc.

As I've said that is certainly understandable. We do understand that not everyone can book every cruise. And we do our best to find the best deals we can at times and dates that will attract people.

Another fact in the history of our group cruises is many of the people who book our group cruises are not frequent posters to the site. We have a lot of people who have been on multiple CM group cruises who rarely post.

They do read often, lurking, see a group cruise they like and book it.

We have many many folks who have been on a bunch of group cruises. That shows that when someone does go, they have a great time with our group cruise.

Because for 2013, so far, we only have the one transatlantic sailing up, it's honestly no reason to pretend we don't do seven day cruises as well. We've always had them as a part of our CruiseMates group cruise program.

RollerDonna.. if you haven't done one in 10 years, it's frankly because you've chosen not to. You have cruised during that time, but you chose other cruises, and that is entirely all right; your choices. But it's not because there haven't been at least 1, mostly 2 a year since then, until 2013.

I can't tell you how many times I get emails saying "I've booked xyz cruise, can you make it a CruiseMates group cruise". Again; natural. Everyone likes to pick a ship, date, price, that is good for them, sailing from whatever is nearest to them, and then wants everyone to come along.

I don't mean for this to come across as anything but informative. But over the years we've put a lot of work and effort into our group cruise program, and I do hate for the history of it to be wiped under the rug with pretense.

Each year we kept offering longer cruises as well, but for no reason other than they have almost always attracted the largest groups.
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