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Originally Posted by Aerogirl View Post
Just to set the record straight I did inquirer about CM cruise prior to booking my upcoming cruise and don't expect CM to design a cruise around what I have picked, I simply suggested that since there seems to be all this interest in a CM cruise that just maybe the one I'm booked on might be a possibility.
I do know first hand the trying to meet everyones needs is impossible. I'm sure at some point maybe if there's one later in 2013 I'll meet some of the fine folks here, until then the boards will have to do.
I wasn't directing my comments to you personally, in any way Aerogirl. And if you took it that way I apologize.

I really was trying to explain the problem in generalizations. And as I've said several times, I understand it's not at all an unnatural wish... people book and are excited, and would love if others come along.
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